32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When does calcium tablet should be taken? Either morning or night?

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Answer: Prefer to take after meals. Can be taken in night or day
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Question: Vitamin B tablet should be taken with calcium tablet at night or with iron tablet at day?
Answer: Vitamin tablets are usually taken during afternoon with the iron tablets as they help to boost energy and if taken during night causes restlessness and insomnia.
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Question: When should I take iron tablet either afternoon or night
Answer: Hi Follow your doctors suggestions how to take the tablets ..however normally who needed iron supplements will take it at least one or two hours before your meal or the same amount of time after as they are better absorbed by the body if taken on an empty stomach. Avoid taking it with tea, coffe,or even milk as it can reduce the effects of the tablets.they should be taken with plain water.
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Question: Iron amd calcium tablet should be taken together or not??
Answer: Iron should be taken at night time because it may cause some nauseous effect. Calcium should be taken day time because it requires energy to show it's mechanism. Don't take both at a time which may interact each other and form complex.
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