3 months old baby

Question: when do v get the vision for infant.

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Answer: Hi Your baby can look up to 3 feets far by 3-4 months if age they even can differentiate between the colours There on there vision keeps developing and they can see clearly but 1.2 years of age
Answer: In 5 month ur baby organs fully made when u have level 2 scan u can clearly see ur baby all organ clearly
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Question: when do v get vision
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. It is not until around the fifth month that the eyes are capable of working together to form a three-dimensional view of the world and begin to see in depth. Although an infant's color vision is not as sensitive as an adult's, it is generally believed that babies have good color vision by five months of age. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: when do we get vision in infants?
Answer: At 4 months your baby can distinguish between colours and can see up to 3feets As they grow it keeps improvibf every month and can clearly see by 1.5 years of age
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Question: when do baby's vision get clear? when do baby recognise their parents?
Answer: Vision ll b clear but Dey required some time to recognise everyone .. after 3 months
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Question: When do infant colics end
Answer: Hi! It usually goes away by 3-4 months of baby's age, by that time the digestive system gets little more strong and keeps getting better.. Hope this helps!
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