3 months old baby

Question: When do tears start coming in babies?

2 Answers
Answer: Depends some babies tears come from 5months
Answer: After 7th month dear
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Question: When do babies start seeing
Answer: Hie they have a limited vision on birth but by 3 months they can see and recognize colour well they can see upto ,8-10 feets and as they grow it would develop to the fullest by 6 months around
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Question: When do babies start walking
Answer: Babies to babies different.my baby boy start walking early at 9months some babies late.mostly 1year old babies compulsory walk.n nothing to worry
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Question: When babies get tears in his/her eyes??
Answer: Hi dear, with my baby I started seeing drop after 2 months whenever she use to cry. So it might take some more time
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