1 months old baby

Question: When can we start household activities in case of normal delivery

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Answer: Taje your time new Mommy .its said it takes 3 months for you to heal and to do any sort of physical activities And 6 months completely for you to heal even inside And 1 year for you to regain that energy and activeness cause you have lost lot of things and hormonal balamces .to completely become you again. So take help of your momma or in laws regarding cooking and other activities and some time with baby others can hold when they are playing. And you take lot of rest. You gave birth to a new life. Your body has gone through lot of things during this time and still your body is lactating. So take your time.
Answer: you can start doing small work from the day 15 you can normally work from Day 40 as you are a normal delivery you don't need to worry that much avoid risky and difficult to do work. avoid washing clothes and being in water for long time as it affect your baby and cause cold.
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Question: When can we start wearing waist belt after delivery especially in case of C section?
Answer: you can start wearing your waist belt on your second month or 45 days after c section.. don't use ur belt when you sleep . you can wear it for rest of the day . if you find any discomfort you can also remove the belt at midday and resume after evening .. since t s summer you may sweat more after you wear this belt .. so wash once in a week . gently lift up your tummy above stitches and then put on your belt ..
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Question: When can i start exercising and household activities after normal delivery..?
Answer: Hi dear... It z said that 6weeks is the period of confinement... So u can start ur exercises and daily chores from then onwards.. but don't stress urself .. do them very minimum and relax in between.. happy motherhood
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Question: After normal vaccum delivery when i can start household jobs
Answer: Hi.. Dear it takes complete three months for the stitches to heal completely.. You can start with your regular stuff after 40 days of delivery, then later you can do some tedious job or work out whatever you want..
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