8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When can we have folic acid tablet? Morning or night?

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Answer: at any tym....bt fix it once...take d same on next day same tym
Answer: Is it normal to hv spotin in between 1rst trimester
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    Jass40412 @gmail.com606 days ago

    yes its normal....bt light nd little bit....if it bcm heavy consult ur dr

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Question: At what time i have folic acid tablet in morning or at night time
Answer: Hi dear, Folic acid suppliments can be taken anytime in a day.i would prefer you to take it post lunch.
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Question: When we start folic acid tablet
Answer: Hii congratulations for pregnancy. From First to nine months, mom to be   need iron , calcium and folate . Calcium intake can be extended till breastfeed period also as when mom feed their baby they need proper supply of calcium. So start with iron calcium and folic acid tablets. All tablets once a day but do get the prescribed dose from doctor first.  Take calcium and folic acid in morning. Iron at night. Never give iron and calcium together as then they do not get absorb.  Always take these medicine with normal too. Temperature water as it makes body to easily absorb them. Folic acid is very necessary for baby's brain spine and nerve development .calcium. play an important role in growth of baby bone and teeth. Iron works to make sure a proper functioning body and avoid an deformation. Always check the expiry date of any medicine u will be giving and don't take any pain killer or medicine other than that without doctor advise.
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Question: At time we can have folic acid tablet i mean morning or evening before or after lunch
Answer: Hello! Take folic acid tablets after breakfast in the morning. It is the best thing time to take. Take care
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Question: Can we take ferrous asscrobate folic acid tablet and folic acid tablet together????
Answer: Don't take both tablet together moreover both are folic acid so do get it checked by your doctor and take proper dosage by doctor..
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