8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When can we have folic acid tablet? Morning or night?

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Answer: at any tym....bt fix it once...take d same on next day same tym
Answer: Is it normal to hv spotin in between 1rst trimester
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    Jass40412 @gmail.com1034 days ago

    yes its normal....bt light nd little bit....if it bcm heavy consult ur dr

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Question: Can I have folic acid after lunch or before lunch?Is 500 mcg is suitable?
Answer: Dear you need to take folic acid tablets after eating something it can be after breakfast lunch or dinner
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Question: When should we start taking iron n calcium tablet and till when we have to take folic acid dosage??
Answer: Everything about medicine ur Dr ll suggest.... When you come to know that you are pregnant from that time onwards ur Dr ll suggest tablet
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Question: Does iron tablets contain folic acid? Or I would have to take folic acid tablets separately?
Answer: Iron tablet is different from folic acid tablet u need to take iron tablet, calcium tablet n also folic tablet
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