6 months old baby

Question: When can we give home made fruit juices to baby ?

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Answer: Hello You can start now. Mango citrus fruits and grapes should be given to a baby only after one year as mango has alot of heat wch can cause diareah. Citrus fruits can cause acidity and grapes can choke ur baby. The doctors advice to give these fruits after one year. Other than the fruits mentioned above u can give all the fruits. Try diluting the concentrate juice so ur baby can digest better.
Answer: Hi dear, Fruit juices can be given post 6 months .but never give concentrated form.always dilute it with filtered water.and never add sugar in it.better than juices,are whole fruits as it provides fibre too.
Answer: Yes u can give after 5 month also but only apple and after 6 month u can give any fruit but starting with apple
Answer: 6mnths recommended but one can start as early as 4mnth if baby is taking external feed like lactogen etc..
Answer: Hello dear, you can start after 5 Month means from starting of 6 month.
Answer: After 6 month you can give.......
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Question: When we should give home made cerelac
Answer: Dear once your baby is 6 mpnths you can start giving semi solid food to baby but not before that because it can cause digestion problems to baby..
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Question: Can i give fruit juices to my baby?
Answer: Hello dear U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months as ur baby's digestive system is not developed till now. He will vomit out everything whatever u will give him. So, avoid giving any solid food now.
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Question: Can we feed fruit juices to 8th month baby. If yes, then qhich fruit juices are good
Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can give fruit juices to ur baby. Ur baby might like the taste and thus he can take fruits. U can give ur baby plain and unsweetened fruit juice which is mixed with water. As ur baby is small so u can give ur baby one part of fruit juice with 10 parts of water. U can give apple juice, orange juice, betroot juice etc.
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Question: Can 3 months old baby can we give fruit juices
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to start solids only after 6 months. Till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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