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Question: When can one see heart through intravaginal scan.In which week can i hear the heart beat.i underwent an intravaginal scan in my 4th week and heart is still not formed.doctor said nothing to worry and wait for 2 more weeks.

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Answer: 6 week m heart beat appear hoti hai nd 2 nd a half month m bhut clear sunai deti hai
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    aparna penumatsa1060 days ago

    Thankyou....aug 3rd ko scan hai...any diet tips..??

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Question: my wife's last period was July 29 pregnancy is confirmed n she is 51 days pregnant today she has undergone ultrasound n dr said heart beat is not heard it may take 2 more weeks to hear the sound of heart beats ...pls dr can u suggest me which week will heart form n when can we hear heart sounds
Answer: Sometimes because of Differential calculation from your lmp date and the calculation on your USG is different because USg is all about the correlating data and normal values of a pregnancy USG helps and it detects foetus as well as placental normal and abnormality depending upon the scientific data hence a plus minus of 10 days difference is there. so it can be reason that your lmp date might not be fixed and also if you have had irregular periods for your periods used to come either 5 days early or 5 days later then the calculation can be wrong in that case. Last thing can be an intrauterine growth restriction for which your doctor has called you again to do the test after the week so that baby's heartbeat can be heard properly do not worry
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Question: Can we hear the baby's heart beat through ear or only in ultrasound scan..? Now I am 8 weeks.
Answer: No dear. It can only be seen through an ultrasound. Hope it helps
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Question: During which week can i go for first scan so that fetus is visible and can hear the heart beat??
Answer: Featus will be visible from 9 weeks onwards
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