9 months old baby

Question: When can i introdice walker to my baby he is 7 months 13 days

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Answer: By 9 months you can introduce Walker. If you found this helpful please click the helpful button.
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Question: my baby is 7 months old..when i use walker
Answer: I don't think there is a certain month exactly because all babies develop differently and at different rates. I waited till my son was around 6 months maybe closer to 7, I waited till he was sitting up really well on his own and had very good upper body strength. You don't want your baby to keep falling forward and smashing their face on the toys or tray of the walker or hurting themselves. So when your baby sits up for long stretches by themselves and you feel comfortable try the walker out. Don't expect the baby to do much 'walking' right away. My son kicked his feet and sometimes moved it a little on accident from the kicking of his feet, but as your baby gets used to the new toy and legs get stronger, and they start moving it on accident they realize they are mobile in this new thing and really start taking off. Good luck and have fun, you are coming into lots of fun new stages...crawling, walking, etc. It's great seeing them do new things! :o)
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Question: Hello ,my baby completed 7 months..when shall i make her to sit in walker??
Answer: Hello dear. You can start it now if you want. Ideally once the baby is able to hold the neck properly the walker can be introduced. Hope it helps.
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Question: When càn i put my baby in walker?now he is 5 months old
Answer: If your baby has full head and body control then you can introduce walker
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