3 months old baby

Question: when can i start using baby carrier tied around chest like a backpack and when can i start with the pram? my baby girl is 2 months and 3 weeks old.

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Answer: Baby carrier can be used from day one, it's best for baby as it's gives him comfort and closes. Whereas pram can be used from 2nd month onwards
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Question: From when we can start using baby carrier?My baby girl is 3 months old now.
Answer: Hi, welcome to motherhood dear You can start using baby carrier after your child is 5 months old .you should take care if following points for the safety of your child Make sure that you constantly supervise the baby in the baby carrier and the material or cloth should not cover the baby in such a way that that you can't see the baby s face. Carry your child close to your body in an upright position To ensure that baby fiesent feel best ,make sure that you don't wear the baby multiple layer of clothing . Make sure that baby s belt is fastened properly and ensure that there us good support to baby s body and neck. Never lie down while carrying g your baby in the baby carrier Hope this information helps. Take care
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Question: When can we start using baby carrier...my LO is 4 months now
Answer: Dear baby is 4 months so its completely safe and fine to use baby carrier..
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Question: From when we can start using baby carrier?My baby girl is 83 days old.
Answer: Hi dear... It is better to use the carrier from 5th month with confidence. Becoz normally baby can hold the neck ince it completes 3rd month.. in 4th month it will strengthen this action.. so I suggest to use carrier from 5th month.. hope u find this answer helpful.. happy motherhood
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