2 months old baby

Question: When can I start excercise after c section ???

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Answer: Hi.. Dear it takes complete three months for the stitches to heal completely.. Therefore, you can start after three months of your cesarean.. Mean while you can have control on your diet and start wearing Maternity belt..
Answer: Hello... Dear you can start exercising after six months, because your body is in healing process, as of now you can go for mild walking for twenty minutes
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Question: When to start excercise or yoga after c section?
Answer: Hello dear. It better not to exercise for 6 months, it would take some time for the cervix to close completely. Your doctor should give an OK to do any type of excersices. Take care.
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Question: When can i start excercise after normal delivery
Answer: Start with a gentle excersise like walking and stretching after 3months And you can start ur regular exercise after 6months Hope this helps
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Question: When can i start using abdominal belt after c section
Answer: Hii u can start using it after 1 month of delivery after confirming from doctor. it is good as u will get s good support at ur tummy and also helps u in reducing the back pain which is very common during pregnancy. I used it and highly recommend u as we generally take these this lightly and suffer pain in entire pregnancy but dis is really beneficial.  Maternity belts provide optimal support to a your abdomen and back as your belly grows during pregnancy. A maternity belt takes away the stress and added weight that often causes back pain and soreness. Maternity belts can also help improve your posture, which can also reduce lower back pain related to poor posture. 
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