9 months old baby

Question: When can i give my son a walker

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Answer: it is preferable to start giving Walkin after the baby is 11 months old not before that because otherwise it will put for pressure on the legs of the baby and muscles of the baby making them more painful
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Question: When can I use a walker for my baby?
Answer: Avoid using Walker as it bends the legs and babies who have been put on Walker have proper walking difficulty in later stage
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Question: My son is 8 months complete When should I start putting my son in walker
Answer: Hello dear U can start ur baby to sit in walker from 5 months. But remember always put ur baby for a limited time in walker can as it can cause ur baby's leng bowed and can make ur baby bones weak.
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Question: When a child can sit in walker
Answer: Hi! Please let the baby sit and walk naturally, Doctors even ask to not put babies in walker. Its potentially harmful in the long run in terms of posture. Absolutely nothing good about them...You can use a push walker instead after baby has learned to stand and taking steps and already sits but definitely not fr a 7 months old.. Walking is a milestone that all babies achieve. It absolutely need NOT be taught or supported with hands when a child begins to walk it's a huge challenge in terms of falling down, losing balance, bumping into things and getting hurt. The initial walking stages requires constant supervision. Please allow the child to learn to walk by himself /herself to feel independent.. Hope this helps!
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