3 months old baby

Question: when baby starts holding their neck?

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Answer: it starts at three months and in some progresses till six or even more every child is unique in achieving developmental mile stones so just wait and watch ur cute little one holds his neck don't ever compare and listen to any one around u saying this should have happened by now ,
Answer: wait for some more time. u will see many changes in ur baby. exploring, eye contact with others and balancing her well.
Answer: by now your baby would try lifting head, that's good sign now you can wait for 2-3 months to hold completely
Answer: normally till 6 months but it depends baby to baby....some hold early amd some hold late.
Answer: every baby is different genraaly by 6 mnths dey start holding
Answer: some early as in 4. months but completely on 6 months ..
Answer: depends on baby to baby, generally by 3rd month
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Question: When baby start holding their neck properly
Answer: Hi, baby start holding their neck any time from its 3 months to 6 months. Each child is different. So there is nothing to worry. Some child even start holding their neck at the 6 to month. However it depends on their muscle strength. So don't worry. You can massage the neck gently with your hands.
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