19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: when baby moves in Upper abdomen plz ans

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Answer: no issue.. baby position will change a lot during your pregnancy.just take of yourself
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    Khalid Malik733 days ago

    thanks mam

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Question: I feel the baby movement mostly in lower abdomen, when it feels in Upper abdomen
Answer: Dear you will soon feel in the upper abdomin and all over the stomach. Usually baby move all around by 27-28 weeks. So please do not worry initially they are felt on the lower side only. Hope it helps.
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Question: 35 weeks geting pain in lower abdomen when baby moves????
Answer: its very normal its because of baby growth that put pressure on your internal organs that actually pains.
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Question: Baby's first moves can be felt where? in the lower or upper side of the abdomen
Answer: Hii u will feel movement in 26 or 27 week in lower abdomen.
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