2 months old baby

Question: when baby gets hiccups should I feed him instantly or need to feed him lil later? As my grand ma says need to feed the baby after few min due to hiccup muscles will get strong & stomach ll get bigger

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Answer: Hello dear. You should not feed the baby while he is having hiccups. Let them settle on their own and then only give breastmilk. Also you try burping the baby as that helps in getting rid of hiccups faster. Hope it helps.
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    Ashwini Neerabha845 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: Hi, my baby spits or vomits milk everytime I feed him.. I burp him but even then he spits milk.. when he gets hiccups also he spits milk.. i feed him for 20 to 30 mins at max.. what can be done to solve this.. pls help
Answer: Hi dear I would suggest you to please do not feed the baby for 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch it is being over for the baby in this hiccups are happening and as per as the spitting is concerned it can be cancelled or can be a plain milk it happens due to the narrow food pipe of the baby at this time the food pipe is getting somewhat matured it is still in a immature condition and What happens is that when the baby drink milk some of the milk remains in the food pipe which comes in contact with the gas of the stomach and comes out error couldn't old as his so what I would suggest you that after feeding the baby at least for 15 10 minutes you can keep the baby applied for some time till the time it is baby doesn't burp and at the back slowly it will help fr sure.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many times need to feed baby..?? Some time he ll get fever due to indigestion
Answer: Hi , indigestion does not cause fever dear. It can cause uneasiness or stomach pain. As for the number of times feeding, please keep it three meals and one snack a day. Do not force feed the baby and let the baby decide on the amount of food to be taken. Also try to increase the quality rather than quantity. Like adding ghee in the food, or adding fruits and dry fruits in the porridge. This will make the food more nutritious.
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Question: At the day end my breast supply gets low, as his growing he desire more for milk so forcefully I have to feed him lectogen but the day I started giving lectogen he is passing gas in every 5 min stomach also gets harder, with fm is best for infant as I'm trying to switch to other fm instead of lectogen.
Answer: U take healthy diet like more jeera, saunf , mutton , green vegetables to increase ur milk
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