28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whats the best things husband can do on daily basis during pregnancy?

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Answer: Just take care of ur wife n support her in each n every phrase of pregnancy
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Question: Can we take milk with turmeric on a daily basis during early pregnancy??
Answer: hi mam It is not recommended to take turmeric in early pregnancy because tendency of turmeric is heat, in the body not good for baby so you should not take.
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Question: Can I eat mango on daily basis during my pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear.daily is not safe.You can eat mango..safe during pregnancy ...but in little quantity only you have to eat ..mango during pregnancy relieves the morning sickness,and constipation problem...but high amount of eating mangoes will lead to health problems so 3 pieces not atfected u can eat safely..may this helps tq..
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Question: Can i drink tea, coffee on daily basis during pregnancy ?
Answer: Caffeine is a big NO, in pregnancy, however, you can have a cup of tea, make it using more of milk, and less tea leaves..
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