36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whats d Symptoms of water breaking?

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Answer: Yellowish white fluid discharge..That continuously comes out..You may feel frequent urination ...
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Question: What are the symptoms of water breaking
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,your baby is protected in a protective sac with amniotic fluid.once the.mucous plug that closes the cervix breaks usually before labor or during labor,this sac ruptures and the fluid starts leaking.which is called water break. During the process,you would feel wetness in your vagina.usually it gets difficult to know whether it is urine or fluid.the fluid leakage is constant while urine would stop after a while. After the water breaks labor can start at any time.it can also be delayed to several hours .your doctor would keep monitoring the heart beat of baby to know if it is in any kind of distress.
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Question: Water breaking symptoms
Answer: Hi dear,you will get a gush of flow of water while standing or while passing urine You may experience vaginal wetting. Or constant lacking of fluid from your vagina. Take care
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Question: How to know that water is breaking or not is there any symptoms and how much quantity of water will go when water breaking
Answer: Hi. When watwe will break you will see leakage from vegina that you wont be able to control. It will seem like pee but it will juat diccharge withought and sign. Quantity can be huge also or little flow also.
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