20 weeks pregnant mother

Whats d baby weight in 20 weeks?plz tell i m worried

Hi dear dont worry it is not very important for ur baBy to have an exact weight as per standard. The standard weight is 300 gm. But a little bit less or more is also fine.
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Question: Whats the baby weight at 20 weeks
Answer: Hello! average weight of baby during this week is around 300 grams.
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Question: Whats the normal Expected Foetal Weight at 20 weeks ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity. Baby at twenty weeks should weigh around 300 grams.Take nutritious diet.Take care
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant. Still vomiting atleast one or two times in a day.. Is this vomiting affect my baby.. Plz tell really worried.
Answer: Don't get..upset dear .. during the pregnancy vomiting is normal...it dosnt affect baby...but you must intake more fulids like fresh juice..hot water ..and healthy fuds also... otherwise if feel more tired on vomiting..in that time we doesn't like all type of fuds. So scleted likes food must eat in regular intervals...
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