11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whatever i eat i vomit.what can be done?

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Answer: Hii dis is morning sickness. Follow below routine everyday. It do happens in first trimester and to some mom to be face it in 2 nd trimester as well.  1 Don't skip breakfast. Eat bland toast if that's all you can keep down.  2 Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of large meals.  3  Don't go more than 3 to 4 hours without a snack.  4 Drink plenty of water of herbal tea safe for pregnant women.  5  Take your prenatal vitamins at night or with a snack rather than in the morning  6 have ginger tea in the morning.  7 take a warm glass of water with 2spoon each added with honey and apple cider vinegar . 
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Question: I m having frequent vomiting whatever i eat
Answer: To help prevent and treat nausea during pregnancy, try: Avoiding foods and smells that trigger your nausea. Keeping soda crackers by your bed and eating a couple before getting up. Allow some time for digestion, and rise slowly once you are ready. Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day instead of three big meals. Drinking less water/fluids with your meals, and instead drink them between meals. Eating more dry, plain foods such as white rice, dry toast, or a plain baked potato instead of richer, creamier foods. Keeping rooms well ventilated or having a fan close by for easier breathing. If neither of these are possible, take time to go outside to get some fresh air. Getting plenty of rest; Listen to your body when you are feeling fatigued, and try lying down.
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Question: can pregnant ladies eat whatever they want?
Answer: Hello! During pregnancy it is important that you have a balanced diet along with plenty of water, rest and exercise. That means the food should be healthy android not junk. You should be avoiding papaya and pineapple, as they are not good during pregnancy. Apart from that you can have everything in moderation. Also remember, that's too much of weight gain can bring complications. Hence, it isn't important to keep a watch on the weight gain too. You should not gain more than 12-15kgs in the entire pregnancy. Hence, try to have healthy food, rather than having junk food whichever has no nutritional value too.
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Question: which fruits I can eat.... beacuse...I can't eat...my food... whatever I eat..it comes out..
Answer: Apple orange pomegranate watermelon kiwi pears mango plump basically anything except papaya pineapple and grapes
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