32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What will happen to my baby if I m always in anxiety and depression

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Answer: Hey dear first of all anxiety and depression is very common during pregnancy because of stressful lifestyle and pregnancy hormones, but yes it will affect you and your baby if it is continuous and excess in amount, because of stress anxiety and depression you may develop high blood pressure, diabitis, thyroid, constipation, acidity etc and thus your health effects your baby it can cause lbw, adhd, premature birth of the baby etc so better to stay happy and peaceful, I know it's not easy but do yoga, pranayama, walking, exersice, talk with your friend and partner about stress issue eat healthy food, drink enough fluids, avoid smoking and alcohol and if needed take help of psychiatrist or counceller. Tc👍😊
Answer: Hi! You are the world to your baby, your baby only and only knows you and your touch. Dont feel depressed, i can relate to you because have been through this phase in pregnancy. Dont cry and be anxious dear you are not alone in this journey your baby is with you. Stay well for the baby who has not seen anything yet , its going to come out from you and see the world. Read books, listen to music, catch up with friends, treat yourself with barely an icecream to feel good about yourself. Dont let the time go like this, its a beautiful world, make the most of it. Much love and hugs! Take care!
Answer: Hello dear... Pregnancy is a wonderful journey in which women undergo lot of changes both physically and mentally,stress or depression can caused due to harmonal changes as well,it is not good for you and baby,To overcome stress following will help Keep engage you in your favourite activities,will help a lot You can have your favourite food, may also help Sleep well, insufficient sleep will increases stress Start doing Pranayam,will helps you releive stress and keep your mind calm Listen to soft music,read good books it will too reduces stress
Answer: If you have depression while you’re pregnant, you may not take care of your self, as in pregnancy lot of care is required which is hard to do during depression. Depression during pregnancy can also lead to: miscarriage, delivering before the due date (preterm), giving birth to a small baby (low birth weight). You should try to treat your depression talk about it to someone in your family the one whom you trust. Visit some good doctor as medicine is best way to cure depression.
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