35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What wil be the number of movements of baby now?

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Babies’ movements change as they grow and develop, and they should become more frequent in the third trimester. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel anything from 16 to 45 movements an hour. Take care.
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Question: What should be the number of movements to be observed
Answer: Hello! If you want to check, monitor your baby’s movements for two hours while lying on your side. Most healthy babies will have at least 10 kicks over two hours during normal active times. Every baby is unique, though, so there isn’t one number that works for all pregnancies. So, no matter the number, if you experience a decrease in movement compared to whatever is usually normal for your baby, you should call your doctor.
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Question: When the movements of baby wil start?
Answer: Hello dear, you can feel your baby's first movements, between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks.  baby movement will be very much like a butterfly flutttering or quickening which you may sometime get confused with your blood vessel movement. but kick will be very strong and you will feel something is pushing you from inside. It could will be with the hand or the leg of the baby. In starting period you would be confused, but soon you will be able to recognize all movement. 
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Question: What is the normal number of Movements for a healthy baby in an hour i am 23 weeks now
Answer: Hi at this week you should feel for about 4-8 movements and during the entire day as the baby grows the moments process that becoming stronger and later stage after 28 weeks you should start feeling about 10 moments in a day
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