6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What type of rice to eat

2 Answers
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy.. Brown rice is better, however if you are used to white rice it's ok to have in moderation. Take care.
Answer: It's ok to have white rice if you are used to it.. Otherwise brown rice is good. All the best.
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Question: Daily what type of food to eat
Answer: Hi dear, hope you are enjoying your pregnancy journey and my dear you should basically focus on health and unlimited food, you should add all healthy fruits in your diet but avoid papaya and pineapple and also eat all seasonal fruits, dairy products should be a major portion of your daily diet as it help of a lot in developing unborn baby and also take soaked nuts but very few Daily, avoid alcohol carbonated drinks spicy oily junk food and drink lots of water daily. Tc
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Question: What type of foods to eat to increase breast milk?
Answer: Hey I had this problem too so what helped me was lots of garlic , carom seed juice , fenugreek and dairy products..
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Question: What type of food to eat to get fair baby
Answer: Hi Baby's skin colour is basically depends upon the genes and hormones which he or she gets from the parents. But then too...myths are myths...to get fair skinned baby try to consume more and more white coloured things like yoghurt, milk, butter milk and one of the important thing eat coconut as much as possible this will give fair colour to your baby and drink plenty of water.
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