13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What type of food to eat to get fair baby

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Answer: Hi Baby's skin colour is basically depends upon the genes and hormones which he or she gets from the parents. But then too...myths are myths...to get fair skinned baby try to consume more and more white coloured things like yoghurt, milk, butter milk and one of the important thing eat coconut as much as possible this will give fair colour to your baby and drink plenty of water.
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    Simran Kaur1090 days ago

    Kerala ke baby fair kio nhi hote..... Wha to coconut hi coconut h......baki sab cheeza to mein bhi leti hun

Answer: Eat curd early morning on an empty stomach. Eat soaked almonds Drink plenty of water Also drink juice. Nariyal paani.. Eat raw paneer.
Answer: Masumbi nimbu, kesar garam dudh me milakar pina hoga...
Answer: Strawberries and pomegranates
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Answer: You can try with moong dal, ragi porridge,even oats u can give first see for three days any reaction even the digestion is done properly
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Question: Hi what type of food will be safe for me
Answer: ..Hey in your entire pregnancy ,try having well balanced diet .have fruits ,vegetables ,whole grains and plenty of water.avoid junk food and sugary food items ..I never followed a particular diet..just ensured the food is home cooked and healthy.. Avoided papaya and pineapple..as I heard those can trigger bleeding.. Rest everything can be eaten in moderation..
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