Few weeks old baby

Question: What type of food to eat for increase breast milk.

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Answer: Garlic, fishes sura , vegetables and fruits, liver and spleen of goat,
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Question: what type of food can take to increase breast milk
Answer: Fengureek seeds, fennel seeds, garlic, unripe papaya, sesame seeds, green leafy vegetable, cumin seeds, oatmeal. Also while feeding, make the child to suck both sides at one feed.
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Question: What type of food should I eat to increase breast milk.
Answer: Hi include green leafy vegetables beetroot drumsticks date dry fruits milk and milk products nuts peanut fruit beans legumes veggies rice oatmeal ragi cereals pulses whole grains garlic cloves fenugreek seeds which help to increase breastmilk and also feed your baby often which helps for milk production as breastmilk works on demand and supply mechanism so whenever baby demands you should feed your baby often which helps to increase breastmilk take care
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Question: Which type of food increase breast milk
Answer: Hi. Following would help. Shatavari powder with milk twice a day day. Add methi in your diet in any form might it be Methi sabji, Methi with water, Methi laddu, methu pills etc. lots of garlic and ghee in your diet your diet in your diet. Drink lots of water at least 2 to 3 litre of water of water litre of water of water litre of water of water you can hacv ajwain water, in jeera water or Methi water whatever it is.
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Question: What type of food is helpful to increase breast milk plz answer me
Answer: Hi dear to increase the breast milk secretion you should make a baby girl Lacha nipple of and so when baby latches the nipple it increases the breast milk secretion and you should take more healthy and nutritious food which will increase the the milk secretion try to take more milk and Milk products which is very good for lactating baby you can also take note paneer cheese Tofu green peas bread garlic peanut oats coconut fenugreek Methi leaves drumstick leaves Palak leaves millets Rajma fish meet this food items help to increase the milk secretion
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