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Question: What to give in meals for 13months baby as she is not eating food before making it paste

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Question: What to do my baby is not eating rice meals she is 11 months old
Answer: Hi dear, Please donot worry.give her what she likes to have.there is no rule that you need to feed her rice only.lot if healthy options like chapati dipped in daal,porridge,oats,rava,ragi,idly,dosa can be given too.moreover,till one year baby's first priority is milk.solid food is just to compliment it.
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Question: Hello baby is 13months old .. she is not eating food dont know why and she is going to have teeth in upper part is that a reason she is not eating food ?
Answer: hi mam yes that may be the reason because babies when they get teething they tend to avoid eating food and also they became very fizzy so you could wait for a week and can see changes in baby. till then give more liquid food item so that it helps her to maintain the bodys hydration
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Question: My baby is 20 months wat shud I give her for eating as she is not eating any food
Answer: Hello! Encourage your baby to touch the food, but don’t force. Be silly and keep it light.  Demonstrate. If they refuse, try and try again. In fact, at every single meal, put a dollop of that food on their tray or even in a bowl that they can play with and touch. If they won’t touch after a few attempts, offer a spoon for them to stick into the food too. Once your child touches the solid food, you’re on your way! Allow them to touch, spread, and put it all over the tray and themselves.  This is wonderful for their sensory processing and will make a huge difference in helping them get used to the texture of solids. If they get upset once they’ve touched the food, or that they are now all messy, be very calm and reassuring. Have a wet washcloth ready and quickly wipe them down.  And, if this is how they respond, it’s a sign that you need to practice playing with these foods a lot! The more they touch and interact with the food the closer they’ll be to eating it
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