7 months old baby

Question: what to feed my baby daily at every tym..plz help me with dis..wht is the crrct food to give time ti tume in her breakfast to dinner routine..she is 7+ month old

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Answer: breakfast at 9 am ..lunch at 1 pm ,.. eve meal at 6 pm and dinner at 9 pm.. in between breastfeed or formula feed.
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    Afshar Shafi746 days ago

    but what to give at every time...means in brwakfst lunch anzd dinner

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Question: Hello.. my baby is taking every food ( breakfast, lunch & dinner) with curd only. Is it safe for her.
Answer: Hi dear, Most babies likes curd.it is quite nutritious and easy to digest compare to cow milk.i hope your baby is taking other foods too,no matter if she needs curd along with it.make sure her diet is fine otherwise.curd is ok to take.donot worry.
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