19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What to eat for lighter shade for the baby?

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Answer: Y do u worry about baby complexion pray God u have a healthy baby n delivery n how does shade matter when it completely depends on parents complexion plz come out of this
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    Jerina Fernandes868 days ago


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Question: Hello i did the pregnancy test at home..its postivie however one line is lighter in shade so what shall i consider it as ???
Answer: Hi dear, In pregnancy kit strip,one line Wil always be dark called reference line.the other line confirms your pregnancy. No matter how faint the line is ,you are pregnant the very appearance of the line . If you test early then the levels of pregnancy hormones are not raised much to give dark line . Spotting cannot confirm pregnancy. It could be implantation bleeding but cannot gaurentee.
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Question: What to eat for the fair complextion of the baby in 8 month or pregnancy
Answer: Hello, Dear it's said that Kesar can make baby's complexion fair.so you can start having 2 strands of Kesar with milk from middle of your 8th month till delivery.
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Question: Hi i did home pregnancy and the "c" line shade s less lighter than the "t" line of the pregnancy kit.. Is it confirmed pregnancy or is it something i need to worry about
Answer: Hello dear. A light line also means positive but in early stage means if you would have taken the test after a week this line would be darker. Get ur beta hcg done to check the growth of the pregnancy. Get it done twice at a gap of 3 days as values double every 72 hrs. Hope it helps.
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