2 months old baby

What to do with cracked nipple which bleeds. Can not breastfeed because of severe pain. Tried nipple shield, but didn't work well. Please give me a way out.

Apply orul gel every 3 to 4 hr to nipple.if severe pain pump it for a day so that ur nipple qont crack more due to sucking........if want to feed wash itt off before you feed...
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Question: Hi.. I have cracked nipples so not able to give feed directly its paining.. I am using breast pump but that is also paining now.. I bought nipple shield but its not comfortable for me may be because of size.. Please suggest me what i have to do.. Though i have breast milk i couldn't able to supply it properly..
Answer: Hi,you should get a correct size nipple shield till you are able to feed directly You should apply aloe Vera gel for quick relief You can also apply your breast milk as it will also help and give you relief in cracked nipples .
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Question: My breast is cracked during breast feeding. I used coconut oil and nipple shield to recover it. But it doesn't work and I feel pain during each feeding time. Please help me
Answer: First check if ur baby has thrush... even a little bit of it causes crack in the nipples... if ur baby has thrush , take treatment for it,,,
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Question: My baby latches only nipples which is very painfull. I have cracked, sore and bleeding nipples. I tried everything to make her latch properly but with no success. I tried nipple shields too but she refuses to drink with it. I ordered pump, to express milk and give it to her but pumping made things more worse. Pls suggest me, what to do
Answer: use nipple protection caps of silicon while breastfeeding....they are available on Amazon...may be also available in local market
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