33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What to do when finding cord around the neck

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Answer: Dear cord around baby neck will not cause any problem to baby and its very normal because while moving baby get loop around neck and unloop also and moreover normal delivery is possible with single loop...
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Question: Cord around the neck is noted what can i do.
Answer: hi dear! so its very much normal as this occurs in most of the pregnancy. so dear the cord can also unwind itself as the baby moves . so dont worry about it even if it does not. your baby is getting the oxygen , blood and the nutrients from the cord itself as it is not breathing inside(it will do after coming out). so your baby is safe. dont worry also with this cord , normal delivery is very much possible. there are single loop around the neck, double loop and triple loop also noted. apart from single loop , the rest requires monitoring of the fetal heart rate . so during the delivery , the head will be delivered first , the cord will be removed from the neck and then the rest of the body will be delivered. so dont worry.! take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Cord around the baby neck?? What should i do?
Answer: Hi. Please dont panic dear. Its nothi g to be worried. My sil also had one round of cird around her baby in womb. Her doctor asked her to have lot of water this sometime leads baby to come out of the cord. Also if its one round of cord its not much problem dont worry.
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Question: Double cord around the baby's neck what to do???
Answer: Hi dear please be very careful while sleeping sleep on your left side don't rotate or used on the bed given that can cause the cord around baby's neck is not babies moment if there is any lesson babies government you should consult with doctor immediately
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