3 months old baby

Question: What to do when baby get chocked while brest feeding??

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Answer: Hi dear the choking usually happens when the flow of your milk is too high for the baby to handle, please pick the baby aap and try to make the baby burp by keeping upright keep patting on the back till the time baby Birds or that excess gas is released from the mouth if your breast milk supply is heavy and there is a let down that chokes the baby u can try few tricks I can completely relate to it as i have been through the same.. What i have learnt is scissor hold which controls the flow at that time is just hold your aereola like cutting with a scissor. It'll pass in a few weeks dear once your supply regulates with baby's demand. I used to also express a certain quantity of bm. Try to feed while sitting up. Much safer when there is letdown. Hold baby's head slightly higher than rest of her body in your lap. Your baby will definitely latch back. Also ensure that baby has no blocked nose / cold etc. Happy feeding
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    Mishty P62 days ago

    Scissors hold what does it mean i dint understand..

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Answer: Hi,baby will feel uncomfortable. At that time immediately put the baby on your shoulder and oat the baby so that Baby doesn't feel suffocating.
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Question: What should I do when baby starts coughing while feeding, because I get panic when he starts coughing.
Answer: Carry the baby straight n pat on his shoulders n give him rest. Ur little still doesn't know how to control the speed of ur milk so pull it from his mouth after every 1 or 2mins n gv him rest . I hope this helps u
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Answer: Hi dear ...make sure baby latching properly else only nipple due to that also nipple will get pain and nip care cream is the best solution for this even I suffered due to nipple pain after using this cream jus for 2days pain gone
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