Question: what to do to cure constipation in babies

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Answer: constipation is really bad yaar. try giving oats, ajwain water, soaked raisin water, stop cow milk if you are giving, lots of fluid, high fibre content food, pear , apple,papaya mangoes will easy stool .
Answer: Papaya is best for easy stool
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Question: Mam how to cure constipation in babies
Answer: Hello dear, Add a little prune juice to formula or breast milk if your baby is at least 4 weeks old.  Don't give more than 1 teaspoon per 4 ounces.   Normally, it isn't necessary to give your babyjuice, but a little is okay to help relieve constipation. Baby reacts on mother food. So change ur diet...Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs..movement should help to release some abdominal pressure....Try a Different Brand of Formula.. which your baby may tolerate better....Massage Her Tummy....Give bonnisan syrup 1ml in the morning and evening for 3 to 4 days.  It will help.. Take care ur little one... 
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