1 months old baby

Question: what to do if baby did not get burp???

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Answer: Irrespective of whether you hear the baby burp or not , it is important you pat the baby for a minimum of 15 minutes after every feeding session of atleast 20 mins. If this is continues after every feed your baby will have very less changes of vomitting and gas/colic issues.
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Question: What to do if baby will not get burp soon
Answer: Hi mommy, for better digestion in baby you need to make sure baby would burp,I got these tricks to my grand mother, sharing with you. You can use these tips to make your baby burp On your chest or shoulder Put a cloth over your shoulder (and even down your back) to protect your clothes from spit-up. Hold your baby against your chest so her chin is resting on your shoulder. Support her with one hand and gently pat or rub her back with the other. Sitting on your lap: Put a cloth bib on your baby or a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up.Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Use one hand to support his body, the palm of your hand supporting his chest while your fingers gently support his chin and jaw. (Make sure you're not putting your fingers around his throat.) Lean your baby slightly forward and gently pat or rub his back with your other hand.
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Question: Hi, My baby did not get teeth.. what to do
Answer: Hi Broadly speaking the average age for the first tooth to erupt is 6-8 months.A couple weeks/months before or after is still withing normal time frame. However if it is a big concern to you, you should consult a dentist who can with help of examination and x ray help you understand if everything is normal or is there any obstruction in the path of eruption. Your dentist may also prescribe calcium supplements if need be.
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Question: what to do if baby not burp after feeding and awake after 30 min for burp
Answer: Hi dear, it is common in babies they sleep while doing burp but hold her for few minutes on your shoulder , after feeding one side hold her on your shoulder so that she doesn't sleep and you can make her burp. It is not necessary that everytime baby will burp.
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