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Question: What to do for strong movement

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Answer: Hi deae there is no much req. To get strong movement as till late pregnancy baby movement get slow due to heavy weight and less movement. Also if u feel abnormally less baby movement as compare to earlier then u can drink a glass of juice and then lay doen in left side. Try to monitor baby movement.
Answer: Hie Have something like a sugary sherbet this will encourage baby's movement
Answer: If the previous scar thickness is 4.5mm can normal delivery happen
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    Amita Arora212 days ago

    My gyane advised to go for cesarian if u have scar thickness below 5 mm

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Question: I have strong cravings for rock salt..what to do
Answer: Hello dear, rock salt is not a bad thing in pregnancy. You can mix in your lemon drink, don't take as a rock foam.
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Question: i m feeling strong movement from last 2 days...unable to sleep becoz of baby movement ..what to do for dis
Answer: Enjoy movement dear..... Just keep watch on baby movements as they shows baby health. U will get habituated slowly as from 26 onwards u feel strong movements
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Question: how to make baby movement strong??
Answer: Every pregnancy is unique. There's no set number of movements or kicks that you should feel so it's unlikely that your baby's moving "too much". Instead, try to learn your baby's individual patterns of movement. You may find that there are particular times of day when she's most active. She may also respond by moving more when you eat a meal, have a cold drink, or sit still and relax. Many women feel their baby move the most when they're in bed at night. you can also have a warm soup then our baby start moving
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Question: What vitamin should be helpful for baby to grow strong..
Answer: Hi dear. Balance d diet help in proper growth of baby. In order in give birth to a healthy child mother should add all nutrients in her diet. Eat all fruits except papaya and pineapple. Add lentils in your diet. Have sll vegetables. Eat 20-25 soya chunks daily. Drink pomegranate juice. Drink milk daily, add cheese in your diet
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