25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What to do for notching of artery ?and for extreme pain in thigh due nerve notching plz ans

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Question: Notching in left uterine artery of baby... Is it bad? Doctor r saying to operate... What to do
Answer: hi dear! The presence of notching in late pregnancy is an indicator of increased uterine vascular resistance and impaired uterine circulation.so yes you might have to get operated as the baby wont get enough blood which is definately not good for the baby so dont worry we want the baby to be fine so dont worry about the process after this your baby will be completely fine dear. so go ahead with the operation. take care dear!
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Question: What does notching in uterus artery means?? What would it cause and prevention?
Answer: Hi dear uterus artery notching is basically to see how the blood is flowing in the uterine or two different vessels through Placenta now if it's a mild nothing you do not really need to worry about it because it gets a solved on its own and it shows the resistance only however if it is a not mind then your doctor myturms suggest you blood thinner so that there is no problem in the blood flow.. Hope this helps
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Question: I have stomach pain and nerve pain in vagina... what to do
Answer: hi this is groin pain as the uterus is expanding you will get this kind of pain do not worry we should sit down on the bed and keep your legs straight up you should when slightly towards the mean you can also do not want the compression this will help you nothing help with is advisable to consult a doctor
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