1 months old baby

Question: what to do for instant relieffor colic baby

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Answer: massage your baby's stomach with luke warn hing paste and apply one or two drops of it in baby's navel as well it will help in getting relief
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Question: What to do for phlegm
Answer: Dear iys due to seasonal dear its due 2 seasonal give bf after 2 2 hours ,bath wit warm water or sponch wit warm water , wear clothes acvording to weather,give steam twice a day ,Put 1 1 drop nasoclear into nose twice a day .Warm a cup of mustard oil with two cloves of garlic and a few kalonji seeds assage this infused oil onto your baby’s feet, chest, back, and palms. Try it
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Question: My baby has got loose motions what to do
Answer: Keep your baby hydrated by giving ors solution. And feed him well often. If loose stools continues you should immediately consult with your pediatrician
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Question: How to remove colic problems??
Answer: Hing n ghee mixture on tummy everyday nd colic syrup ki drops do
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