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Question: What to do for cracked nipples during breast feeding?

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Answer: Use excess breast milk over the cracked area. And use proper breast feeding technique. During breast feeding the areola that is the black portion of the breast should be inside the mouth of the baby
Answer: Nipple creams are available
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Question: Ointment for cracked nipples which is safe during breast feeding
Answer: Hello dear Use nipcare ointment ,totally safe just apply it on the nipple and before feeding wipe with wet cotton.Do not wash with soap as it will make the nipple dry. You could even use coconut oil. To prevent milk blisters make sure that your baby is properly positioned, latched correctly and sucking well.
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Question: What to do for pain in nipples while feeding. Cure for cracked nipples.
Answer: See how your baby is latching, massage your breast before feeding. Feeding should be after every 2 hours for at least 20 minutes. Consult your doctor for creams you can use hydrogel pads as well clean your breast before and after feeding.
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Question: What to do for pain in nipples while feeding. It looks like a cracked nipples
Answer: Hello dear, apply coconut oil on your nipples to help heal it and also use a nipple shield if your breasts are cracked and bleeding..
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Question: What to do for cracked nipples..
Answer: Hello Cracked nipples can be extremely painful and will get worse as they cannot heal quick due to baby sucking on them for a long time. You can use nipple creams wch will help. The best thing to do is use a nipple shield to stop the nipple from more cracking. This will give baby good support and ur nipples can heal.
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