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Question: what symptoms occurs when egg got fertilized ?

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Question: Hello, fertilized eggs always implant or not?What is the ideal size of fertilized egg ?
Answer: Fertilized eggs implant deepwnding upon the hormonal situation in body. Ideal size is 19--24.
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Question: If any symptoms occur if i fertilized.... my ovulation period ends at 20th then when i fertilized
Answer: Hi dear usually when the egg gets fertilized attached to the uterus wall there can be implantation bleeding other than that there is no symptom of fertilisation .. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to determine if the egg got fertilized or what is the first symptoms of pregnancy before missed period
Answer: You may feel little spotting or bleeding which is called as implantation bleeding You may feel lower abdomen part pain, nausea or vomiting like Body cramps, uneasiness too
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