19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should we eat for healthy baby and baby fairness?

2 Answers
Answer: For healthy baby, you should take healthy diet including proteins and iron rich foods. If you follow the tips from they app, they suggest important food that helps babies growth. Just keep an eye on the daily and weekly tips. As far as fair baby, its all based on the genes of the parents.
Answer: You can take Coconut water.
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Question: What cream I should apply on my baby face for fairness
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear massage to ur baby wit olive oil regularly as its rich wit vitamin e which nourishes the skin nd improve skin tone try it nd after bath use johnson baby face cream for face nd johnson baby body lotion for body try it dear
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Question: And should eat in pregnancy for gain baby weight?
Answer: Take iron calcium protein in your dad it will help your baby in gaining weight protein is very important for your baby to include pulses non-veg milk and milk products egg etc
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Question: How to give balguti to baby and at what month should we start
Answer: Frankly speaking I never give any ghutti to my baby as my doctor said a big no for this. I will suggest you please confirm from your child's pediatrician before giving this.
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