33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what should i hv to hv healthy baby

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Answer: Maintain a healthy, naturally balanced diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy carbohydrates are all good food choices for you and your baby. Eating three to four solid meals per day will support a healthy weight for you and your baby. Avoid fatty, fried foods and foods high in cholesterol or preservatives. Get plenty of rest at night. Resting provides you with energy and allows your body to refresh itself. Take prenatal vitamins at the suggestion or prescription of your doctor. Reduce stress and anxiety.
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Question: I hv baby sugar plz tell me diet plan what should i eat ??for a healthy baby
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Sugar in pregnancy can be controlled by following some tips. 1.Avoid food with sugars such as sweets, ice creams, fruits, honey etc 2.You should even avoid oily food and food with more preservatives such as pickles, food with preservatives etc 3.Soak fenugreek for three to six hours and sprout them. Fry sprouts in a pan and let it cool. Now powder it and store in a airtight container. Daily take a small spoon of this powder with curd. 4.Exercise is must to control sugar. Walking is best as it also helps in digestion of food. Walk for some time every day, no brisk walking. 5. Stress is major factor that increases sugar. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to songs. Watch comedy shows. Talk to people you love. You can keep your sugars in control with these. Medication and regular follow up with doctor are must. You can have normal diet except the exceptions mentioned and please avoid food that should not be taken in pregnancy. Please go through Healofy home page to find tips and recipes, they help you a lot. Take care
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