10 months old baby

Question: what should i give to my baby in a whole day

2 Answers
Answer: Any type of semi solid food u can give u r baby since it's turned 10 months.
Answer: how many times i give solid to my baby ?
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Question: What amount of water should i drink in a whole day so that i can keep my body hydrated
Answer: Hi Maximum 3 lit of water you have to drink during pregnancy..it hydrated your body as wel as more water intake relievs the morning sickness,heartburn,indigestion. Thank you
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Question: Can i give my 1.5 years old baby...milk 4 times a day..a whole glass
Answer: If your baby is not allergic to milk and you have already introduced cow milk to your baby then usually for a 1.5 year old the milk quantity should be 120-150 ml one time so make sure if you give milk twice to your baby it should be well pasteurized boiled and cooled with a supplemental powder added to it in 10 to 15 grams of strength suggest:- pediasure or ensure plus you can ask pediatrician about a good supplemental powder which can help your baby's growth
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Question: I have to give enterogermina to my baby twice a day...what time should I give
Answer:  Hello, At regular intervals (3-4 hours), taking the contents of the minibottles as it is or diluting it in water or other drink (eg, milk, tea, orange juice). .
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