8 months old baby

Question: what should i give to eat my baby she is 8 month old ???

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Answer: Hi! Ideally an 8 month old have normally what you eat as a family minus salt n sugar. The baby by now should be on two meals atleast and rest all milk because milk remains the main source of nutrition. You can take a portion out of family food before adding sugar or salt while preparing. Pls introduce variety nd texture, start finger food like steamed veggies or fruits cut in slice to hold on easily n chomp.. Hope this helps!
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Question: what should I give to my 8 month old daughter to eat? shall I start paratha?
Answer: By far your baby has tasted most of the cereals, vegetable and fruits. Also you are aware of his likes and dislikes..Now you are free to include more food items in his meal plan. Also now you can experiment with 2 3 ingredients in one dish. Breakfast - Ragi porridge/ Barley porridge /apple oats porridge /Banana rice porridge/ wheat daliya/Suji kheer Lunch- moong dal khichadi, tomato rice, vegetable khichadi, paneer rice, Carrot lentil soup. Dinner- mashed potatoes, pumpkin puree, carrot soup, spinach puree, peas puree,
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Question: What should i give my 8 month baby to eat
Answer: Morning- Wake up and nurse for a few minutes (about 200 ml) Breakfast – 1 cup of pureed veggies or anything else in breakfast Mid-morning Snack – Half a cup of fruit/yoghurt/boiled vegetables Lunch- 1 cup of cereal Nap time Evening Snack – Breast milk or formula milk (about 200ml) Dinner – 1 cup of porridge/pureed veggies/cereal Night – Breastfeed before putting him to bed
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Question: My baby doesnt like to eat much what should i do she is 8 months old
Answer: Hi dear u may give him chikoo puree,apple puree,sweet potato puree,sooji kheer,besan halwa,moong daal khichdi, vegetables. Khichdi..I give all these to my 8 month old baby☺️
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