37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should i do to trun my baby's head its showing breech baby..

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Answer: Baby's position varies during pregnancy...after 37wks..most of d babies attain head down position....so wait n watch...even if its breech...normal delivery is possible....
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Question: My baby's position is breech what should i do for normal
Answer: hi dear! Between 24-29 weeks most babies turn vertical and some will be breech. By 30-32 weeks most babies flip head down and bottom up. By 34 weeks pregnant, the doctor expects baby to be head down. Between 36-37 weeks, a doctor may suggest an external cephalic version(the doctor will rotate the baby externally by keeping hands on your stomach).
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Question: Hii... M 32 week pregnant and my baby's having in breech position. What should I do ?
Answer: Chances of spontaneous reversion to cephalic are there as it is only 32 weeks. But if during 37 or 38 weeks, baby is in breech, then your doctor might ask you for c section Extra care to be taken from consultant side during surgery. As such no precautions from mother side other than regular and timed follow up. All the best.
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Question: what should I do to turn my baby's head down
Answer: You can't do much , it's a natural thing .just do brisk walking
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