32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should I do for increase labour pains naturally?

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Answer: Hello dear Following ways can help u to have labor pain soon: Go for a walk. If you are having contractions but are not yet in labour, walking can help get things going Have sex Take castor oil or evening primrose oil Eat spicy food Try nipple stimulation.
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Question: What should i do for inducing labour naturally?
Answer: Hello dear. For inducing pains naturally you try remedies like drinking rasberry leaf tea, eating pineapples in large amount, stimulating nipples and havunf sex helps in inducing pains naturally. Hope it helps.
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Question: No pains or symptoms of pain for me ..is it normal. What should i do to get pains naturally.
Answer: Hi.. Dear no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery from before hand. However, you can climb stairs and do squats as well, approximately 20 reps in a day. But, I can give a general advice, which is common for all expecting mothers. However, you need to take approval from your gynaecologist, before doing these exercises, because she aware of your case.
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Question: What will do for induce labour naturally??
Answer: Hi. Try below things. Have Dates Studies have shown that having dates is beneficial towards having an easier and faster labour experience.  Do Squats Daily Squats is the most beneficial exercise for every woman looking forward to delivery close to their due date. Only if you do t have any complocation and your do tor allows. Practice Breathing Techniques Labour is an extremely painful experience for any woman. Breathing helps the woman in labour to adapt to the pain better and also helps in relaxing her. Take Walks Along with squats, walking is a great exercise for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy to help her to have an easy delivery. Consume Vitamin-Rich Foods Vitamins like A, B, C and E are vital to maintain hormonal balance in the later stages of pregnancy as well as to tone the uterus to have a speedy normal delivery with little to no medical interventions. 
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