6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what should I avoid eating in the first trimester

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Answer: you should avoid fish containing mercury,smoked seafood,raw shell fish,raw and undercooked eggs,raw meat and polutary,unpasturiezed milk,soft cheese,unwashed fruits and vegetables raw sprouts,foods that cause allergy(Soy, wheat, cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, more), fish, and shellfish should only be consumed if you are not allergic to them).excess caffeine,sugar rich foods,fatty foods,papaya and pineapple during pregnancy.
Answer: Avoid spicy foods, junk foods, coffee, papaya, pineapple, mango( it provides heat so avoid it), chicken (it also heat), dates(have it after 3 months)
Answer: Pineapple and papaya
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    NEHA YADAV1146 days ago


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Question: What should b the balanced diet in first trimester
Answer: Dear congrates to u dear u r in 1 trimester my friemd also in first trimester her gyno said a pregnant women needs 200 extra calories per day so take healthy diet as babies growth depends on mother diet so dear add milk ,cheese ,butter ,paneer ,curd ,Tofu, green vegetables, fresh fruits ,nuts ,oats ,ragi in ur diet ,take beans as rajma ,lobia ,chana nd all dals its healthy 4 u .avoid oily spicy nd junk food ,take 8 to 10 glass water per day ,take buttermilk ,coconut water ,lemonate, fresh fruit juices daily its keeps u hydrated u can try it also . Try it happy nd safe pregnancy .😊
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Question: I am in 7th month and have developed gestational diabetes. Should i be worried for the baby? Also, what should i avoid eating?
Answer: Hi, do not panic, it's very common now, stop eating fruits except orange, apple and Berry's.. Consult an endocrinologist and take proper medication, follow the diet, avoid carbohydrates, sugar, and sweets, eat lots of green vegitables and and cereals. Do not worry follow the died only 2 more months to go.. u can manage. God bless, Do not have intercourse as u may get infection and u may have pre- matured delivery if u don't have control in sugar, so better avoid intercourse..
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Question: Should I avoid standing and washing the utensils in first trimester?
Answer: U can wash utensils but avoid lifting heavy once as it can give pain to ur baby. U can do normal household work but don't do anything which give u more stress.
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