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Question: What should be the levels of haemoglobin after childbirth through lscs?

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Answer: Normally HB falls during pregnancy reaches 10... Tats d reason iron tablet is given... Post delivery HB should be above 12... U can still continue to have iron supplements... Iron rich green leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetables,dates,milk etc
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Question: Hi I am 28 weeks pregnant. My haemoglobin level is 9.10 what should be done to improve the HB levels.
Answer: You hemoglobin level is less than normal. During pregnancy the minimum level of hemoglobin should be at least 10.5. you should eat iron rich food like a potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrot, Pumpkin , Pumpkin seeds, flax seed, banana, pomogranate, fig, whole grain cereals etc. With this you should consume at least one citrus foods daily because Vitamin C helps to absorb iron from dietary supplements. Hope it helps.
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Question: What should be the normal levels of the GCT test with sample taken after 2 hours after drinking glucose?
Answer: Hello! It is generally 150 mg which is considered normal. Anything above it will be considered to be high. Take care
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Question: What should be the haemoglobin level during second trimester?
Answer: My doctor told me that entire pregnancy will need to maintain our hemoglobin level at least of a 10 anyhow so if your HB level is slow start having is spinach, pomegranate, beetroot etc
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