33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what should be the babies weight?

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Answer: Indian baby's average weight chart 20 weeks 25.6cm 300g 21 weeks 26.7cm 360g 22 weeks 27.8cm 430g 23 weeks 28.9cm 501g 24 weeks 30cm 600g 25 weeks 34.6cm 660g 26 weeks 35.6cm 760g 27 weeks 36.6cm 875g 28 weeks 37.6cm 1kg 29 weeks 38.6cm 1.2kg 30 weeks 39.9cm 1.3kg 31 weeks 41.1cm 1.5kg 32 weeks 42.4cm 1.7kg 33 weeks 43.7cm 1.9kg 34 weeks 45cm 2.1kg 35 weeks 46.2cm 2.4kg 36 weeks 47.4cm 2.6kg 37 weeks 48.6cm 2.9kg 38 weeks 49.8cm 3.1kg 39 weeks 50.7cm 3.3kg 40 weeks 51.2cm 3.5kg
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    Sneha Naik1308 days ago

    my baby's weight is 2.9 at 37th week... Nwxt week is my delivery... so after delivery will that be 2.9 only or around 2.6-2.7?

Answer: At birth, The baby's weight should be on average from 3-3.2kgs. Less than 2.5 - The baby is called Low birth weight baby