27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what should be taken in low bp??...plz suggest.i am 27 weeks pregnant...

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Answer: Start in taking small amount of pickle while having food. Whenever u feel dizzy, have small glass of salt water or ors or tender coconut. Have tender coconut water daily. This will bring your no back to normal.
Answer: Drink salt water n pickles till BP comes to normal
Answer: drink more water
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Question: What should be afi in 27 weeks
Answer: Dear afi during pregnancy should be between 8 - 18. Lower than 6 and higher than 20 is a concern. If it is in the range there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: What precaution should be taken in low lying placenta
Answer: Hello dear. You can continue your daily activities as per normal unless you have been advised otherwise. Usually restrictions like no sex or lifting etc are prescribed to women who have placenta previa (placenta covering their cervix) and or those who experience blood loss due to a low lying placenta. If you have a low lying placenta at 18-20 weeks, this does not mean you need a caesarean section. The placenta will highly likely be further away from the cervix at the end of your pregnancy. In your first and second trimesters, the uterus still has much growing to do, so an ultrasound late in your third trimester (after the uterus has finished growing) will give you and your doctor or midwife a better picture of what’s really going on – and if it really a matter of concern. Hope it helps.
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Question: What precautions should be taken in low lying placenta. 14 weeks pregnant
Answer: First of all be happy..lowlying placenta is quite norml during early pregnancy.placenta will move upward as pregnancy advances..but you have to take some precautions Dont lift weights. Avoid sexual intercourse..dont travel too much esp in auto and twowheeler.care not to have severe cough and sneezing as it causes increase innabdominal pressure... Avoid climbing stairs
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