40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should be in baby n mumma s bags????

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Answer: Hi dear, its very important to keep the maternity bag ready as soon as you cross your 37th week and its very improtant to pack every necessary things so that it will be a smooth time after baby would come : For Mom Copies of your medical records. Slippers. Cotton socks (if the weather is cold) Massage oil or lotion if you would like to be massaged during your labour. Lip balm. Snacks and drinks, if permitted by the hospital. Things to help you relax or pass the time,such as books, magazines, games and so on. Mobile phone and charger. Make sure you have enough credit to send out announcement messages! Toiletries. A hairband. You might want your hair tied up or pulled back. Water spray bottle and wet wipes to freshen up. Music to listen to. Some hospitals may provide CD players. Pillows and cushions to make you more comfortable. They will come in handy after birth while breastfeeding, too. For baby Four sets of clothes that are suited to the season. Rompers, sleep suits, cotton jhablas,T-shirts, shorts or leggings, will all work well. Three vests or onesies to be worn as innerwear. In hot weather, one layer of clothing might be enough. Two sweaters for winter babies. One pair of socks or booties. One cap. Two soft cotton sheets for your baby's bed. One waterproof sheet protector or rubber under sheet to keep the bed from getting wet with spit up, pee or breastmilk. One baby blanket. Take a warm, soft one if the weather is cold. A light cotton sheet will probably be enough in summer. 12 nappies, nappy pads or diapers per day. Wet wipes and changing mat. They may come in handy for nappy changing.One soft towel. Toiletries (a baby cleanser, shampoo, massage oil, hairbrush, nail clippers). A few soft cotton squares or hand towels to clean spit-up or spills while feeding.
Answer: For mumma carry 4 5 old underwear which u could dispose of. 2 pair of clothes. For baby pack 6 7 pairs, u may need more for baby as per ur number of days ur staying.
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