Question: what should be diet schedule in 8th month of pregnancy

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Answer: Breakfast 1 glass of low-fat/skimmed milk 1 ½  cup of whole-wheat breakfast cereals dates or 4 pieces of dried apricots Snack#1 1 small bowl of colored fruit salad ½ cup of unsalted nuts, such as walnuts and almonds Lunch 1 bowl of salad 1 to 1 ½ cup of rice or pasta or burghol or baked potatoes A medium piece of grilled meat (chicken, salmon, or red meat) A cup of low-fat plain yoghurt or laban Snack #2 2 brown or whole-wheat pieces of toast4 tablespoons of low fat Labneh and sliced cucumbers Dinner A bowl of lentil soup with a squeeze of lemonCheese and turkey sandwich made with whole-wheat bread and filled with vegetables of choice Snack #3: 3 glasses of air-popped popcorn1 small cup of low fat hot chocolate prepared with low-fat or skimmed milk.
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    Reena Sharma1058 days ago

    HV home made food. especially chapati, itna sab drama Karne ko time h Kya?

Answer: hi
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Question: What exercises should be done in 8th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hie Walking is the best exercise during pregnancy go for a brisk walk for 30-40 mins . Practice your squats under supervision as it would help open up pelvic space  and be careful . Kegel exercises can particularly be very helpful. It helps strengthen the pelvic region and make the thighs stronger. Practice pregnancy yoga it helps relieve body pain, opens up pelvic cavity and helps deep breath .always learn from a certified pregnancy yoga teacher or even better ask your gynaclogist to suggest you one . Sit on birthing ball or exercise ball as often as you can and rotate your hips clockwise and anticlockwise . Meditation Practice deep breathing and pattern breathing technique as it would be helpful during labour
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Question: What should be morning diet in second month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! First three months- start day with apples. Have iron, magnesium, folic acid rich diet. U can have one cup of coffee or black tea a day . Nd as much of fennel ,chamomile, fruit , caffeine less tea. Take ample rest and drink lots nd lots of water. U can go fr walks if u want nd only if ur gynae permits.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: What precautions should be taken in 8th month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi congrats ... Have good nutrition food . Be careful while u sit ,stand and sleep . If u have any another health complications take care of it . Don't get panic ...these are the most beautiful days enjoy them . Spend time with ppl u like the most .. Have a positive mind set .. Have a safe delivery ma
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