30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What r u doing now?

1 Answers
Answer: Hell dear you baby must be sleeping now😇
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Question: what r u doing now,my baby?
Answer: At 6 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a sweet pea. The average embryo at week six is about .25 inches and will double in size again next week. Hope this helps.
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Question: What r u doing now
Answer: Your baby's forehead temporarily bulges with his developing brain and sits very high on his head, which measures half the length of his body. From crown to rump, he's about 1 1/4 inches long. In the coming weeks, your baby will again double in size – to nearly 3 inches. Hope this helps.
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Question: Now what r u doing?
Answer: Hi, please ask your query clearly, so that we are able to help you. Thanks.
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