24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What precautions should be taken during 6 months and what tests are needed..plz mention some back exercises also as I have sharp shooting pain in my back that radiates in to my left leg

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Question: Hi now my 7th month of pregnancy starts. What precautions should be taken in this month. What are the tests shoukd be done in this month
Answer: Hello dear, During the third trimester of your pregnancy, the diet that you consume should be focused on the health of your baby who is to arrive soon.Get your required dose of iron and protein from foods like red meat, beans, poultry, seeds and rice...Calcium is important throughout your pregnancy;  Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and foods like oatmeal and salmon are rich sources of calcium. Magnesium will help in absorbing the calcium. Almonds, oat bran, black beans, barley, artichoke, pumpkin seeds, etc., are rich sources of magnesium. DHA is a fatty acid that helps your baby’s brain in developing properly. You can find DHA in foods such as milk, eggs and juices. During the third trimester, folic acid helps decrease the risk of defects of your baby’s neural tube. You can find folic acid in foods that include grains like oatmeal, collards or dark leafy vegetables and fruits like strawberries and oranges.  To prevent constipation, you should consume plenty of fibre-rich foods. You should include vegetables, fruits (fresh and dried), legumes and whole grains in your diet. Do not forget that the water in your digestive tract is rapidly absorbed by fibre, so drink plenty of water and other fluids to replenish your body. To make sure that the iron you take in is properly absorbed in your body, you should eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. Rich sources of this vitamin include citrus fruits such as melons, lemons, and oranges as well as green pepper and broccoli. What Not To Eat.... avoid spicy and fried foods. Take light meal for dinner. Reducing your intake of sodium is also important so keep away from foods high in salt content such as chips, ketchup, canned foods, pickles and sauces, to name a few. Alcohol and tobacco are of course very harmful for your baby so quit while you can! Apart from a healthy diet, it is also important for you to do light or moderate exercises every day. Prenatal yoga, walking and swimming are great activities to prevent fast and excessive weight gain and also help in keeping you strong and fit for delivery. When you make sure that you take care of yourself, you also take care of your little one before he or she comes into this world! Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: What are important tests and vaccines that should be taken during second trimester.
Answer: M 28 weeks pregnant mjhe 2nd tremester me 2 tt injectn and ek flu ka injectn lga.
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Question: What precautions should be taken in 9 months , as i am having Gestational Diabetes..
Answer: Don't use sweet meals and artificial juices.. Use fruit and avoid rice
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